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New Resident Evil Movie Will Reboot Series


New Resident Evil Movie Will Reboot Series

Just when you thought the Resident Evil movie franchise was over, Constantin Film confirms it is planning a reboot.

Taking a video game franchise and turning it into a movie isn't usually very successful, but Resident Evil bucked that trend and has endured on the big screen. With the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, we thought it was all over after six movies. Even the title suggested it was, but we were wrong.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Martin Moszkowicz of production company Constantin Film confirmed that Resident Evil is being rebooted as a movie franchise. Speaking to Variety, Moszkowicz said Constantin owns the rights to the franchise and is already developing the reboot.

No details of who will direct or star in the lead role have been revealed. It seems unlikely to be Milla Jovovich in the starring role if this is a true reboot. Constantin will more likely want a younger star as there will be potential for more movies if the first is a hit. And will Paul Anderson be involved? He wrote all six of the existing movies and directed four of them.

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As to why Resident Evil is being rebooted, the answer is simple: money. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter grossed $312 million, with $160 million of that coming from China. Clearly there is still a lot of money to be made from the Resident Evil name on the big screen, meaning a new movie with a $100 million budget, for example, could be a huge earner for Constantin. If it leads to a trilogy, all the better.

Resident Evil movies have grossed over $1 billion worldwide and hold a world record for "Most Live-Action Film Adaptations of a Video Game." No other series has come close, and if this reboot makes it to movie theaters, it seems even more unlikely it will ever lose that record.

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