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New Xbox Controller Leak Just Confirmed Cheaper Series S Console

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New Xbox Controller Leak Just Confirmed Cheaper Series S Console

New Xbox Controller Leak Just Confirmed Cheaper Series S Console thumbnail

Microsoft to reportedly reveal Xbox Series S within three weeks.
Images of the packaging for an update all-white Xbox controller officially refer to the budget, less powerful ‘Lockhart’ as Xbox Series S.
Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased an event for later this month.
Microsoft is reportedly aiming to reveal details about the long-rumored lower cost, less powerful second variant of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S ‘Lockhart,’ within three weeks.
Yesterday, fans received the clearest indication that Lockhart is indeed real and officially called Xbox Series S.
A revamped version of the Xbox controller has reportedly hit store shelves earlier than expected. One Twitter user, known as @Zakk_exe, reports not just a successful purchase but shared snaps of the packaging and a video of the controller in their hands.
New update Xbox controller found out in the wild. | Source: TwitterIn the documentation provided, Microsoft notes compatibility with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and more pertinently in this instance, Xbox Series S. Although the Series S name has circulated for months, the documentation is the first instance of Microsoft referring to it in an official capacity, albeit in a bizarre sales slip up courtesy of a resale site.
The controller is compatible with Xbox Series S. | Source: TwitterThe controller matches the color scheme and design of an all-white controller that surfaced last month. The Verge reports it confirmed the controller and packaging as genuine. Microsoft has yet to announce the Series S nor the new controller, despite several leaks and insider nods.
Xbox Series S Reveal Within Three Weeks
On the back of these new details emerging, Venture Beat’s reporter Jeff Grubb took to Twitter to offer fans a time frame for when they should expect Microsoft to reveal the console officially. Grubb says details are coming within three weeks.
Lockhart reveal is coming within three weeks. | Source: TwitterLast month, Phil Spencer teased that Microsoft will ‘talk more’ about its next-gen plans in August during an interview with the iJustine’s Same Brain podcast. The gaming giant has yet to pencil in a firm date, but Grubb’s tip suggests it will unveil the Series S and presumably the price and release date for both consoles.
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