Cancel all your plans for this weekend, Overwatch fans.

The Overwatch team late Tuesday wrote a blog post announcing an upcoming double XP weekend going live on the game's servers starting tomorrow, June 8 at 5 p.m. PT. The event applies to all platforms and runs through Monday, June 12 at 11:59 PT.

"It's been an incredible year, and we're so thankful you were a part of it," the Overwatch team wrote. "To celebrate our first Overwatch Anniversary together—and the community that made it all possible (that's you!)—all players who log in this weekend on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One will receive double experience."

Overwatch double XP weekend

The bonus will apply to "nearly all sources of in-game XP," the team added. That includes XP you get for time spent in a match, completing a match, completing consecutive matches, winning a match, backfilling a match in progress, and earning medals.

"It will also stack multiplicatively with existing group and IGR bonuses," the team wrote. The only experience that won't be doubling is the 'first win of the day' bonus, which will stay at 1500 XP.


"Thank you so much for your support, passion, feedback, and enthusiasm," the team wrote. "We hope to see you in-game this weekend and wish you many awesome adventures in the year to come!"

Meanwhile, if you're thinking about cheating in Overwatch, you might want to reconsider: Blizzard earlier this year banned 22,865 players who were found to be using various third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

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