Own is absolutely making big waves in the STO field – and it is doing it right now. STO’s will be the next BIG thing in the crypto space and everyone who can see this fact already, should do some serious Own research immediatelly.

Prior to Own, all three founders worked for the largest global share registry and transfer agency in the world: Computershare Ltd (Market Cap 6.75 Billion USD). Own’s CEO, Sascha Ragtschaa, worked there as Chief Information Officer, managing 421 staff across multiple locations and countries, covering the end-to-end technology delivery and servicing lifecycle of a global organization. Own’s COO, Florian Batliner-Staber, worked there as the Head of Technology in Continental Europe. Own’s CTO, Ermin Dzinic, led there various software development teams with a focus on data warehousing and web development.

They even have a former Prime Minister as one of the high level advisors.

Own has already built:

  • The world’s first Decentralized Share Register (DSR)

  • FAST (Financial Asset Security Tokenization) Platform, where companies can issue primary offers, sell shares and attract global 24/7 investors. And there is the white labelling option too(!) Check out: http://hamersley.weown.com/

  • My Own App to manage holdings on-the-move.

They have high level partners, like Fi-tek: ”Today, Fi-Tek has over 350 professionals providing solutions and services to 450 clients worldwide, ranging in size from $200 million to $80 billion, with a combined AUM of over $1.3 trillion.” (More information here: https://www.fi-tek.com)

And they just published the first STO on their platform (more are coming during the May and beyond).

Can you see it now?


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