Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Coming to T-Mobile, Sprint

The T-Mobile version of the S8 Active will take advantage of the carrier's speedy 600MHz spectrum, meaning better coverage in rural areas.

Supreme Court on Apple-Samsung Patent Case: No, Thanks

The Supreme Court this week declined to hear the case, which covers slide-to-unlock, tap-to-call, and autocorrect patents.

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Plus: VW and Google team up on quantum computing, and Infiniti recalls its QX30.

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Andy Park brings your favorite Marvel characters to life in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Andy Park is the visual designer supervisor that takes Marvel's heroes and villains from the comic books, and brings them to the big screen in Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

These sites raise ‘sex ed’ to the next level

"Social sex" companies are using interactive and user-generated content to educate about the nuanced and vulnerable sides of intimacy.

‘Configuration Error’ Disrupts Internet Access Across the US

Monday's outage slowed internet access for Comcast users to many major internet sites

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