Hyatt Announces Second Beach in 2 Years

The hotel chain said hackers accessed information from payment cards used at the front desk of 41 of its locations between March 18 and July 2 of this year.

12 Signal App Tips for Secure Chats

The end-to-end encryption app might be more vital with every day.

Twitter Faces Boycott for Suspending Actress’s Account

Those supporting #WomenBoycottTwitter say Twitter arbitrarily applies its rules to censor some accounts, like Rose McGowan's, but not others.

Keep Tabs on Your Kids With Sprint’s Safe & Found App

The app costs $6.99 a month but is jam-packed with features that can help give you peace of mind.

You Can Now Order Food on Facebook

The next time a friend's check in at Chiptole has you hankering for some queso dip, you'll be able to order it without ever leaving the social network.

AT&T Primetime

If you need cellular connectivity in your tablet, the Primetime is an affordable option for consuming content from AT&T's paid streaming services.

Asana’s Co-Founder on Cutting Out Useless Meetings, Emails

Justin Rosenstein, Asana's co-founder and head of product, wants to help you get more done, change the world, drink more water, and maybe become a vegan.

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930)

Like previous versions, the Dell XPS Special Edition (8930) is a compact and upgradeable multipurpose desktop. But now it's faster than ever thanks to Intel's latest Coffee Lake processor.

Hands On With the Impressive Oculus ‘Santa Cruz’ Headset

Santa Cruz does away with the cords, sensors, and PC required on the Oculus Rift, and what a difference a fully wireless VR experience can make.

T-Mobile Limiting High-Speed Data in Canada, Mexico to 5GB

After burning through 5GB, your speeds will drop to just 128kbps (or 256kbps if you have a T-Mobile One Plus plan).