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Phanteks’ Evolv Shift X Is an Extremely Tall and Thin PC Case


Phanteks’ Evolv Shift X Is an Extremely Tall and Thin PC Case

The Shift X has a footprint of just 170-by-274mm, but a height of 650mm. You can also lay it flat like a soundbar under your TV.

The range of available PC case designs has grown considerably thanks to there being three main motherboard sizes (ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX) and the introduction of processors capable of being passively cooled. That allows for some very small cases, but also some unusual options. For case maker Phanteks, its latest offering in the Enthoo Series is all about height.

There are actually two cases available in the Enthoo Series carrying the Evolv Shift name: the Shift and Shift X. Both have a footprint on your desk of just 170-by-274mm. It's the height that varies, though. The Evolv Shift is 470mm tall, where as the Shift X is 650mm tall. Phanteks also designed the cases to be used standing up or lying down on their side, so you can put them under a TV to look like a giant soundbar if you so wish.

The very small footprint of both cases means you are limited to using a Mini-ITX motherboard. However, that seems to be the only limit. It's possible to install a full size graphics card, up to a 160mm ATX power supply (in the Shift X), water cooling radiator, up to four 140mm fans, and a CPU fan that's up to 82mm tall.

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As for the case construction, it's aluminum in satin black or anthracite grey combined with tempered glass panels on both sides. So adding lighting could certainly enhance the overall look of these cases when in use.


Pricing is yet to be officially confirmed, but pre-order listings I've seen suggest between $110 and $160 depending on whether you opt for the Shift or larger Shift X. And if you'd like to see the cases in more detail, then Overclockers UK has a great video overview available to watch.

The tiny footprint of both cases means they could easily be hidden under a desk, but lying it down also makes for a nice under-the-TV machine as the video above shows. And with support for full-size graphics cards, it coould certainly make for a great gaming desktop PC.

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