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Pikachu Talk Heading to Google Home and Alexa Smart Speakers

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Pikachu Talk Heading to Google Home and Alexa Smart Speakers

Pika pika! Soon you'll be able to have a conversation with Pikachu, which should be fun for all of five minutes.

Pikachu has always been a core character of the Pokemon world, able to convey many emotions even though the little critter is limited to only saying variations of the word "pikachu." And yet, The Pokemon Company decided it was high time smart speakers got a Pikachu Talk app for us to converse with.

As Nintendo Soup explains, The Pokemon Company is set to release a free app for Google Home and Amazon's Alexa devices called Pikachu Talk. It will be activated by the user saying "Pikachu, I Choose You" at which point Pikachu will start conversing with you.

Pikachu's responses may be limited, but they aren't without meaning. Expect responses including "Pikaaa," "Pikapi," and "Pikachu," but also those in the know will be able to speak key phrases such as "10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt" to trigger a special response. That's sure to be a lot of fun for the younger Pokemon fans in your house, but equally just as frustrating for the adult trying to order something from Amazon and getting a confused Pikachu response in return.

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According to Rocketnews24, Pikachu Talk is set to release in Japan before the end of the year. The rest of us will be left waiting until sometime in 2018 to enjoy a Pikachu chat. Luckily, we have the imminent launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to keep us entertained until then.

Maybe Amazon should think about releasing a Pikachu yellow Amazon Echo Dot to coincide with the Western launch of the free app. That's one way to get kids hooked on using Alexa. Google could also do the same with a Home Mini.

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