So, I found a gem, that clearly indicates Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. How clearly you ask? This sort of shit can be admissible forensic evidence.

I’ll cut straight to it:

One is an Australian, the other, David Kleiman an American. Certain words in English are written one way if you’re British, Australian or Canadian, and another if you’re an American.

If you go through Satoshi’s original posts in without fail, words are spelled the American way: Minimize, Maximize, and the more dead giveaways such as “Color” amongst others.

S (British) is replaced with Z (American) Ou (British) is replaced with O (American)

Satoshi writes in American English. But this wasn’t enough:

off I go on Craig Wright’s personal blog. In the very first post I see, the very first god damn paragraph spells realize as: “realise”

I do more digging and it keeps coming. The man, unsurprisingly spells things the British way.

Imagine the irony? The man — of which last name is Wright (sounds like write) — is finally caught lying by how he writes.

Kudos to my wife, who majored in English lit and engrained in me this little nugget of knowledge.

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