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Reddit Channels Facebook (Again) With Location Tagging

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Reddit Channels Facebook (Again) With Location Tagging

Reddit teams with Foursquare to let users add a location to mobile posts.

More changes are afoot for the "front page of the internet."

Reddit has teamed up with Foursquare to let users add a location to mobile posts, the companies announced Tuesday.

"Starting today, Reddit users can geotag their posts with a specific venue or location, adding context and interest," Foursquare's Vice President of Business Development Mike Harkey wrote in a blog post. "Just as Snapchatters love geo-filters and Pinterest users go wild for photo maps, now the Reddit community can quickly note where their story takes place."


For those who wish to remain anonymous, location is "an opt-in feature and will never be required — but it will allow redditors the ability to attach a venue, whether that's your office HQ, that faraway airport with a grammatically incorrect sign, or when you're on site for breaking news," Harkey wrote. "Neither Reddit nor Foursquare will store or share that data."

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When you go to add your location, you'll see a list of nearby places, or you can just search for a specific place you want to tag.

In March, Reddit announced a new Facebook and Twitter-like "post-to-profile" experience, which lets you post things to a profile not just communities. Reaction about that change was mixed, with some users lamenting that the platform was becoming too much like other social networks.

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