so this reminds me of my days in nokia/symbian, we were EXACTLY doing this. Millions of phone models, different models aimed at japanese/chinese market, maimo phones, japanese Symbian OS phones, dual sims, obv no crypto back then but population wise companies are forced to do configured models so i agree with the post. But it’s a super focus divider too, one of the reasons why nokia fucked up the competition with apple, we should’ve focused on UI and touch devices, bet on capacitive only instead of those useless resistive models so apple might not take the bait and keep focusing cost effective one model for all approach, thinking higher percentage of western consumers can afford iphones, whereas the masses in east continue using cheaper android phones. Not really sure, it’s a tough one, but all I know is samsung s10 is definitely going to generate some hype to bump crypto market up a few billion, for sure.

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