As a small business, you might not be that concerned about cyber-security. After all, who’s going to want to hack your systems when there are much juicier targets out there? Only about 43% of cybercriminals, that’s who. This is what the team at EveryCloud discovered when compiling the infographic below.

Of more concern, though, is that they found that six out of ten small businesses end up folding within six months of a breach. Another interesting statistic is that just 52% of breaches are as a result of human error, or system failures.

What Does This All Mean for My Business?

For starters, it means that every single person who works for you needs to understand the importance of cyber-security. Whether there are five employees who work for you, or five hundred, security awareness training needs to be undertaken on a regular basis.

Regular sessions will:

  • Remind your employees of the importance of cyber-security
  • Update them on the latest types of attacks doing the rounds
  • Ensure that they are always alert to the risks

What Kinds of Things Should We Cover?

There’s a pretty comprehensive list in the IG, but here are some of the things that you should go over:

  • Choosing a strong password and changing it at least once a month
  • Not using the same password across multiple applications or devices
  • Always verifying that online and email instructions are legitimate before acting on them
  • Being careful about who is allowed access to the office, and making sure that outsiders are always accompanied
  • Making sure that the computers are always shut down correctly at home time
  • Being careful about where the office system is accessed from, especially when it comes to remote workers
  • The importance of keeping business processes and passwords secret
  • What the latest tactics that cybercriminals employ are

How Often Should We Conduct These Updates?

Obviously, when a new employee comes aboard, you’ll need to conduct a training session with them.
For existing staff members, we recommend conducting an update session at least once a month. You can make it a rule that employees change their passwords at the same time.
A monthly session is enough to remind everyone of the importance of cybersecurity, without boring them to tears about the subject.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to gauge how intensive the training is, and how often you feel updates are necessary. In this digital age, though, it’s better to err on the side of caution and over-train staff, than risk them making a serious gaffe that exposes the business.


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