As you all know, I have been trying to obtain xcp coins for quite some time. I tried using freewallet dex to purchase xcp, only to find out there is a $41 charge to access the market.

I then tried using dex. I tried multiple times to place an order for xcp with btc to no avail. I began looking through the help forums and came across a post who shared the same scenario as me. “Trying to buy XCP with BTC – Answered”

From the looks of the information, the counterparty team tried to solve a non-existent problem and decided to remove the feature to easily pay for xcp with bitcoin:

If you were to use a wallet like 8 desktop wallet, the BTCpay transaction would automatically take place when your order was matched with someone. We disabled the BTCpay functionality in a few years ago because it is HIGHLY insecure to leave a browser/wallet window open in order to detect order matches and send the BTCpay transaction… anyone who walked by your computer would have full access to your funds, which is why this feature was disabled in counterwallet.

Any computer expert worth anything knows that if you have physical access to a computer, you pretty much can access everything on it. So, disabling this feature because someone might walk by your computer and steal your bitcoins in a 20 minute window is silly at best, nefarious at worst- being that this used to be free feature is now behind a $41 paywall.

Re-enable the free Btcpay on exchange.

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