Tron Accelerator is (allegedly) a $1m contest for TRX dapp developers. Being someone who has been highly active in all blockchain dapp scenes, I have been watching this unfold. I figured I’d post it here so you guys can help put the pieces together.

Basically, tons of supposed USDT prizes for people to win by developing on TRX. This is the main reason why some eth devs decided to port games to TRX – Not because they are “jumping ship” like the shillers want you to believe (In fact many of them who I know personally still plan to continue developing on Eth). They just wanted a piece of the contest prizes and its pretty easy to put an eth dapp onto tron.

Anyways, yesterday was supposed to be when they decide winners. The results werent announced and people started to get anxious. Finally today they said that they emailed all the winners. Inside the email included the following:

Due to the unexpectedly high volume of competitive projects, we have made some adjustments to the prize structure, one of them is to award over 100+ projects instead of 56 projects. More details to be announced soon. Please stay tuned:)

Apparently they decided to change the prize payouts, dropping the lowest prize to $1k instead of $5k. Many people were upset about this in the official tron dev discord feeling they had been mislead. Some even seem to think there is something deeper going on. For example, one Super Representative candidate posts:

Nobody even knows that they’ll pay out the full 1,000,000 I can guarantee they won’t. They didn’t pay out the full amount last competition They’re not cutting prize amounts because so many people supposedly entered, they’re cutting them because they won’t pay the full amount. 100 winners is not better than 57 when the majority of those winners took 30 minutes to reskin an existing smart contract on the network You can make all the excuses you want, or try to see the good in it but you’re only lying to yourself When we got $75k shaved off our prize, we weren’t happy because 100 winners were better than 57. They didn’t even pick winners for some of the prizes.

There were some people who said they received the email and won $1k, but interestingly nobody was coming out in the public saying they won a large prize. After some sleuthing, we found this instagram post of apparently some random person associated with “STOken Studio” who appears to have won the $200k prize. Dont bother trying to google it, nothing will come up. All we were able to find about this mysterious project was this embarassingly empty github with only 3 commits, and this . The smart contract code is nonexistent and if the website is even doing anything, it appears to be on shasta testnet. Upon analysis, one of the SR candidates from the discord jokes that this “dapp” is just a microsoft word plugin.

Additionally in the FAQs on tron accel website it clearly says entrants must be on mainnet:

Can I develop a DApp that does not use smart contracts, but does use TRX?

Yes, you can. It is OK for you to not use TVM, but you have to be on the Mainnet.

Grand prize aside, some other funny stuff: One dev decided to clone “Shrimp Farm” from eth to tron just as an experiment. It surprisingly got a ton of volume despite being a simple ponzi game. This led to a huge amount of clones onto tron, including Tron Anthills, Crocs, and many others. Surprisingly, although Tron Shrimp clearly had the most volume, users, and txns, it did not win a prize. BUT ONE OF THE CLONES OF THIS CLONE DID! The Anthills developer “diego” posted to his community that he was one of the winners!

To summarize, so far:

  • They changed the prizes after the contest ended

  • They allowed clones to win but not the original clone onto TRX

  • They allowed contestants to win who didnt meet the criteria (being on mainnet)

  • They allowed projects that arent open source to win

  • The Grand Winner is a mysterious project with barely any info available

  • They havent posted a public list of the winners

  • Some blatant ponzi games have won prizes

If you want to watch this all unfold live, you can find the Tron dev discord here and go to the #tronaccelerator channel. Tons of FUD currently, bring popcorn.

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