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Playing games of chance is notably one of the most alluring activities that humans have been engaging in since time immemorial; the risk and reward system of gaming and gambling has taken many forms over time, but has always followed the basic principles wagering against the odds in a bid to strike it lucky and rake in the profits.

The modern era has seen gaming and gambling become an entire industry that was estimated to have globally made $99.6 Billion of revenue in 2016, with the iGaming market exploding, thanks to the booming increase of smartphone apps and gambling websites which are expected to grow and dominate this segment of the gambling and gaming industry.

Scrutiny despite success

Despite its successes the industry is constantly under the microscope, having it’s integrity tested to make sure that these algorithms are fair. In the many conventional formats of ‘land-gambling’, we can see, feel, touch and experience the moment of gambling, in place we know there are tightly regulated and strict procedures to ensure that there is no cheating that tip the odds.

Online gambling blurs those lines; the huge market has a digital gambling space that has laws and regulations but could be even that harder to actually monitor; trust is the chip on the table with fraudulent online gambling platforms giving the industry a bad reputation for ripping off players.What we receive in conventional gambling is an element of transparency, which is something highly lacking in the online gambling industry and now modern technologies have managed to address the issue.

Out with the old, in with the new

TrueGame is a blockchain and smart contract based iGaming platform that sets the issue of transparency straight; blockchain technology allows for a trustworthy open registry that displays every outcome of every game which cannot be manipulated. The combinations generated from the blockchain cannot be manipulated and are completely random boiling the winning conditions down to luck and mathematical probability; to further a commitment to absolute trust, the blockchain network is responsible for distributing the winnings within the rules of the game providing players and potential players with winnings via their innovative use of smart contract technology.

Presently, TrueGame is gearing up for the Pre-Sale token generation event (TGE) of their ERC20 standard utility token, ‘TGAME’, which will begin on the 26th of February 2018 and end on the 18th of March 2018. Having already closed a private round of investments, TrueGame is boldly moving in to the public sphere offering 70% of their tokens (210 Million TGAME) up for sale accompanied by a generous bonus structure as follows:

Minimum Contribution – 0.2 ETH

1st Week Bonus – 40%

2nd week bonus – 30%

3rd Week Bonus – 20%

The main sale will begin 19th of March 2018 and will end on the 30th of April 2018 with a minimum buying amount of 0.1 ETH, after which all unsold tokens will be burned and then soon after TGAME will be launched on various crypto exchanges.

There is a way to bring back trust into the online gambling industry and it was only a matter of time before an industry somewhere managed to find it with blockchain technology; head to their website to keep up to date with the progress of the TrueGame platform and see the new era of iGaming first-hand.

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