Based on the real world data from more than 1 million
international security sensors in more than 200 nations, SonicWall made public
the discoveries from its mid-year update of the 2019 through the ‘SonicWall
Cyber Threat Report’.
With the global malware volume going down by 20%,
researchers found a 15% increment in ransomware attacks comprehensively.
This expansion in ransomware-as-a service, open-source
malware kits and cryptojacking utilized by cybercriminals comprised of the
major highlights of the new data found.
“Organizations continue to struggle to track the
evolving patterns of cyber-attacks — the shift to malware cocktails and
evolving threat vectors — which makes it extremely difficult for them to defend
themselves,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner.
“In the first half of 2019, SonicWall Real-Time Deep
Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology unveiled 74,360 ‘never-before-seen’
malware variants. To be effective, companies must harness innovative
technology, such as machine learning, to be proactive against
constantly-changing attack strategies,” he added later.
In the first part of 2019, SonicWall also observed a 55%
increase in IoT attacks, a number that outpaces the initial two quarters of the
previous year, all because organizations and purchasers keep on connecting
devices to the web without appropriate safety measures.

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