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Staying on Top of Tech’s Changing Story


How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Joseph Plambeck, deputy technology editor in New York, discussed the tech he’s using.

What tech tools do you use to keep on top of the nonstop flow of tech news?

If anyone has an elegant solution for this, please let me know. I rely on a mishmash of email, news apps, mobile notifications and Twitter.

First thing in the morning, I check email on my creaky iPhone to see what happened overnight in Asia and Europe and whether colleagues in those places need me to weigh in or pitch in on anything. Then I do a quick scan of the apps for our largest competitors, like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Bloomberg. I don’t read everything, but I look for breaking news that we need to jump on right away in my area of coverage, which means I’m looking a lot at the tech industry and politics.

There is a lot less order to the madness for the rest of the day. I rely heavily on the reporters I work with to tip me off to things happening on their beats. I have also signed up to get alerts, either by email or as pop-up notifications on my phone, from news organizations and newsmakers. And I scan many news sites.

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