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The Best Fire Safety Emergency Kits

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The Best Fire Safety Emergency Kits


Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Fire Safety Emergency Kits

Redfora’s Complete Earthquake Bag: Best for Survival

Despite the name, the Complete Earthquake Bag is ideal for any evacuation emergency, whether it’s an earthquake or a fire. Along with a well-stocked first aid kit, this kit also includes food, water, and shelter, with food bars, water purification tablets, and a tube tent. It has safety goggles to protect your eyes from smoke, N95 dust masks (N95 means they keep out 95% of particles), a whistle, and 50 feet of nylon rope that can be used in a pinch as a leash for a pet or to tie up extra supplies.

We like the helpful information pamphlet with a checklist of additional suggested items for you to add to the bag, like extra clothes and prescription medication. The bag itself has plenty of extra loops on the front for you to add your own gear.

Survival Prep Warehouse 4-Person Survival Kit Deluxe: Best for Families

This evacuation kit is similar to the Complete Earthquake Bag. But it has only a regular hand-crank radio (no phone charger), and the 2,400-calorie food bars aren’t as robust as the 3,600 calories in the other bag. Luckily, the 4-person Survival Kit includes a few additional items that kept it in our top reviews, like a gas shutoff wrench, a can opener, and a deck of cards. We like that the kit’s duffel bag doesn’t have any writing on it, so you can fly under the radar in case of an evacuation without the risk of being a target for theft.

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Relief Pod International Emergency Survival Kit: Best Design

If you like “a place for everything and everything in its place,” then the Relief Pod Emergency Survival Kit will make your fastidious brain happy. This kit’s biggest selling feature is its unique design: it unzips and hangs from a built-in hook like a travel toiletry kit, with separate, clear, color-coded compartments for first aid, tools, food and water, and sanitation. It doesn’t contain any food or water, but that just means you can pack foods you actually like, instead of a cardboard-like food bar designed only for calorie intake.

The Relief Pod kit’s main weak point is the underwhelming first aid kit, which contains only a few bandages and alcohol prep pads tucked into a pouch. But the bag does include a handy four-compartment pillbox for you to add your own medications, and the variety of tools and supplies in the rest of the kit make up for the lack of first aid. 


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