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The Best iOS-Only Apps

iPhone Apps

The Best iOS-Only Apps

iPhone exclusivity isn't all these apps have going for them.

For a while, all the best apps were iOS apps. Android fragmentation meant that developers designed their apps first for the iPhone and—if things went well—released a version for Google's mobile OS much later.

Apple developers have typically also made more money on the App Store than Google Play, though that gap is narrowing.

Most major apps are now available on both platforms, but there are still some iOS exclusives. These apps help with everything from star-gazing to style. Grab some from the list below and let us know your favorite iOS-only apps in the comments.

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  • 1 Overcast

    So many podcasts to listen to, so little time. Overcast will help you find and sort out your podcast playlist. Aside from just browsing for new podcasts to listen to, you can get recommendations from Twitter. You can also use the app with Apple Watch and CarPlay.

  • 2 Hyperlapse

    You might not be a cinematographer, but you can look like one on Instagram with Hyperlapse. The app lets you shoot time-lapse videos that look like you've mastered stabilization techniques.

  • 3 Sky Guide AR

    There are stars in your eyes and your iPhone with Sky Guide AR. Open the app and hold it up to the night sky to see information about the constellations, planets, and satellites. Time controls let you envision the sky in the past and future.

  • 4 Bear

    Taking notes can be a Bear and by that we mean easy. This note-taking app streamlines making to-do lists, taking down notes, and saving sketches. It's a full-featured way to keep track of all those stray thoughts.

  • 5 Apple TV Remote

    Upgrade your Apple TV experience by using the Apple TV Remote. You can navigate your Apple TV easily by either using touch gestures or just talking to Siri. It even functions as a gaming controller.

  • 6 Timepage

    Take on time-management with Timepage. This beautifully designed app from Moleskine is a pleasure to use. At a glance you can see when you’re busy and when you’re free, what the weather will be like on important days, and get travel-time estimates.

  • 7 Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

    The look of Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is old-school but the features are the very latest. You can use 3D Touch to quickly start and stop recording, transcribe using speech-to-text, save to a variety of cloud services, and share across social media.

  • 8 Tweetbot

    If you can't log off Twitter—and honestly, for your health maybe you should—then at least get some control over what you see. The Tweetbot 4 Twitter client lets you mute tweets by users, hashtags, tweet sources, and keywords. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts and lists and get stats on your own tweets.

  • 9 Life Is Strange

    The episodic game Life Is Strange is as beautiful as it is, well, strange. Max Caulfield messes with time to rescue her best friend Chloe Price in this mind-bending game with a moody soundtrack. A version for Android is actually in the works, but it's been delayed until at least the summer, so for now, iOS users get all the fun.

  • 10 Enlight

    Fantastic photography skills are not necessary to make memorable photos when you have Enlight. This full-featured photo editor lets you be more creative than your skills would normally allow.

  • 11 ETA – Arrive on Time

    Whether you're chronically late and trying to correct that or are obsessively early and want to keep it up, ETA – Arrive on Time is for you. It keeps track of public transportation as well as traffic to give you estimates of how long planned journeys will take.

  • 12 Halftone 2

    Turn your own images into comic creations. Halftone 2 gives you control over caption and balloon styles, lets you lay out your comic with ease, and has lots of options for sharing.

  • 13 Stylebook

    Curate your own closet with Stylebook. If you have trouble sorting through your clothes and figuring out what to wear, the app is a boost to your style and your sanity. You can lay out outfits, plan what to wear in advance, and put together a packing list.

  • 14 Lake: Coloring Books

    Relax with some color therapy in the form of Lake: Coloring Books. It has one new illustration per day that you can fill in with an acrylic-look or watercolor-look. There's support for Apple Pencil and 3D Touch.

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