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The Best Nintendo Switch Cases

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The Best Nintendo Switch Cases

Be subtle or let your love of Nintendo shine with one of these protective cases.

At launch, Nintendo wasn't able to keep up with demand for its Switch console; now it's ramping up and aims to produce 25 million to 30 million more units next year. With streaming services on the way and a stable of popular titles, Nintendo is betting the Switch will outsell the Wii.

If you already got your hands on a Switch , make sure you protect your investment with a case. On release day, PCMag's Will Greenwald was lucky enough to grab the last Sheikah Slate case that was included with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special and Master Editions. It was hard to come by because Zelda was the driving force behind the Switch. This year, it's all about Super Mario Odyssey, a hit for its gameplay and its memes. It also, of course, comes with its own special-edition case.

Not every Switch case is as hard to get, though. For a case that fits your Switch and your personality, check out the options below.

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  • 1WaterField Nintendo Switch Pouch

    If you need something to keep your Switch safe in a larger bag, then WaterField's Nintendo Switch Pouch is a good bet. It comes in leather, ballistic nylon, and waxed canvas. at

  • 2Nintendo Switch Super Mario Brothers Starter Kit

    This officially licensed starter kit has a Mario-themed case that holds the Switch as well as 12 cartridges, a screen protector, cleaning cloth, Joy-Con grips, and earbuds. at

  • 3WaterField Multiplayer Pro Case

    A handsome carrier in the style of Herschel and Fjällräven Kånken, WaterField's case accommodates a Nintendo Switch, Joy-Cons, controllers, cables, and a power bank for when you travel or decide to take your gear to a Switch party. at

  • 4Power A Everywhere Messenger Bag

    Prepare to get branded. If you're a Nintendo fan and want to advertise it, this officially licensed messenger bag has the Switch logo inside and out. It's also got plenty of room for every Switch accessory you could possibly have. at

  • 5Senpai3D Sheikah Slate

    Carry your own Sheikah Slate with your Nintendo Switch tucked safely inside. The map of Hyrule is at your fingertips with this 3D-printed ABS plastic case that's available on Etsy. at

  • 6Splatoon2

    You don't have to get inked to show your love of Splatoon 2. Just carry your Nintendo Switch in the Hori Splatoon 2 Hard Pouch and people will get the idea. You'll also be able to carry five cartridges. at

  • 7RDS Industries Nintendo Switch Travel Case

    This RDS Industries travel case is hard-sided and offers complete protection for the Nintendo Switch, plus two game-card and two Micro SD card cases. It comes in plain black as well as Link-branded versions in blue and gray. at

  • 8YZtree Deluxe Travel Case

    The YZtree travel case is a great budget option that fits the Switch, four games, a charger, and Joy-Con controllers. at

  • 9Butterfox Hard Carry Case

    If you have a lot of game cards and not much room in your bag, the Butterfox hard-carry travel case holds 19 games, two Micro SD cards, a few accessories, and, of course, the Switch. The case comes in all black and black with red or blue accents. at

  • 10PDP Starter Kit: Link's Tunic Edition

    You can pack it all in, the case you need to fit all your Switch gear is here. This case looks like Link's tunic and has room for your Switch as well as 12 game cards. It comes with a screen protector and applicator, earbuds, character-branded Joy-Con Armor Guards, thumb caps, and a branded cleaning cloth. at

  • 11Nintendo Switch Pocket Leather Case

    If your Nintendo Switch is going on the road, it might want to consider the rugged look. The leather on this case is lightly weathered and the brass snaps add to the rough-hewn charm and also protect the two cartridge pockets. at

  • 12RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

    The Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case is for when you absolutely must carry everything. It holds the entire Nintendo Switch system (you can store it with Joy-Cons attached or off), the charging cradle, AC adapter with power cord, HDMI and USB cables, four microSD cards, and eight cartridges. at

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