First of all, I’m using my old account. I’ve been in crypto since mid 2017. I got my first job after graduation, around that time and I wanted to move out from my parents so spending my freshly earned money on crypto was not an option. Instead, my approach was to gain as much possible knowledge to feel comfortable using exchanges, wallets, understanding projects, manipulations and general psychology of crypto sphere.

I did treated myself with small amount of BTC on my birthday in August 2017., and alts a bit later and also treated myself with new pair of clothes when I sold it in the mid of bull run. Other fraction is still in the market waiting for better days.

So here comes the 2019. and it has been year and a half since my first real encounter with crypto. During that period I’ve studied many ICOs, learned about TA although I’ve never traded, read several books about bitcoin, money, market cycles, investing, spent a lot of time discussing projects, market and technology on reddit, telegram, twitter, bitcointalk. I was not price driven since I didn’t have any real money in crypto to make some noticeable gains. Instead, my biggest gain was a whole new mentality and perception of crypto, money and time.

I realized I didn’t miss a thing when I joined crypto in 2017. All those high ROI with Ethereum, Ripple and many more shitcoins – they will happen all over again because the market is cyclic and still fractal. New great projects will emerge during market bottom which will last for a year or more and that will be great opportunity to gradually enter the market and actualize huge ROI just like happened to people who bought in during the bottom of 2015 and got rich after waiting for 3 years and bull run. The same thing will happen in the next cycle, moving to the bigger fractal.

We got used to evaluate projects based on their Market Cap and compare them to Bitcoin’s MC which gave us window how high can the price realistically go, so If a project is worth $10B we think it can’t grow much anymore because most of the people think that there is $10B of actual money in that project which is far from the truth. In 2015. if project was worth $100M, it was equivalent of todays $10B. And in the next cycle it will be $100B or more when BTC reaches MC of $1T.

The market is not going anywhere. It moves on to the next cycle on the bigger scale until we reach some level of adoption in 10-15 years. And with each cycle there are many more opportunities. The hardest and most important thing is to be patient. Bull market, bear market, stagnation, each of them lasts a year and the moment we’re all waiting is bull run which lasts a fraction of the time we spent waiting. And that’s our moment.

Don’t rush, don’t throw in large amounts of money at once, don’t blame yourself for not entering crypto earlier or bought in/sold to that project that did extremely good or bad. You most probably won’t get rich in 1 or 2 years. You only might lose money with that mentality. If you missed the bull run, deal with it. Your next chance is not near. Continue with your everyday life (keeping an eye on crypto of course and scouting new projects) and remember that crypto is here to stay and grow for many more years.

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