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The Hottest Smart Home Products of CES 2018

Smart Home

The Hottest Smart Home Products of CES 2018

From the bathroom to the bedroom, CES was all about making your home smarter this year. These are the products that stood out.

It was a given that there would be tons of smart home devices at CES this year. But we didn't expect what parts of the home would take center stage on the show floor: the bathroom and the bedroom.

Kohler made its CES debut with an array of smart bathroom offerings, most notably its Verdera mirror. The tired and weary can also rejoice as smart sleep tech really took off this year. Among the $20,000 smart mattresses and various other sleep aids, the Nokia Sleep pad caught our attention for its simplicity and affordability.

Of course, voice control was the real star of the show. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant loomed large, and can be found in just about every product that made the cut for this list.

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For more tech coming our way this year, check out our overall picks for the Best of CES 2018.

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  • 1JBL Link View

    Not content to let Amazon hog the smart display spotlight, Google and its partners showed off a number of Google Assistant-equipped answers to the Echo Show. Of them, we found the JBL Link View to be one of the most impressive. Its 8-inch touch screen is attractive, but JBL's audio prowess is what really makes the Link View stand out.

  • 2Lenovo Smart Display

    That's right, we're choosing two smart screens. The Lenovo Smart Display is like an Amazon Echo Show, but with Google Assistant doing the assistance instead of Alexa. It's also quite attractive, with clean lines and a modern, angled look. If you live in the Google ecosystem and want a handsome digital assistant with a screen, it's worth a look.

  • 3Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror With Amazon Alexa

    Kohler made an impressive CES debut this year with not one, but seven smart bathroom and kitchen products. Chief among them is the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, which acts as a hub for the Kohler Konnect line. It features Alexa voice assistance, so you can ask it for the news, traffic, weather, or listen to music as you get ready in the morning.

  • 4Canary View

    Peace of mind doesn't come cheap. Many of our favorite security cameras will set you back about $150 for the hardware alone, not to mention separate subscriptions for more advanced features and cloud storage. Canary is taking a stab at the more affordable end of the market with its $99 View indoor camera. Although some features have been changed, it has the same 147-degree field of view, 1080p HD camera resolution, motion detector, and night vision as the original model.

  • 5Nokia Sleep

    Getting a good night's rest is important. The $100 Nokia Sleep goes under your mattress and measures your movement, respiration, and heart rate to offer sleep cycle analysis and even snore detection. And it works with IFTTT to automatically trigger other home devices like your smart light bulbs and thermostat when you get in and out of bed.

  • 6Sony Aibo

    Sony's $1,800 robot dog, Aibo, seems expensive. But when you consider the cost of 10 to 15 years of dog food and vet bills by opting for a real, flesh and fur pup, it doesn't seem that bad. Apartment dwellers in pet-unfriendly buildings and anyone with allergies are sure to see the appeal. And you don't have to pick up poop or vacuum away pet hair.

  • 7Ashley Chloe Ensembl

    This sleek home entertainment concept is a projector, sound system, smart light, 360-degree camera, and battery all in one. But the coolest part is that it’s modular. The top consists of a series of interlocking discs that let you customize your perfect entertainment hub.

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