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The Mueller Report Is Here, Apple’s Big Event, And More News

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The Mueller Report Is Here, Apple’s Big Event, And More News


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The Mueller Report finally exists

After nearly two years of work, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has handed in his final report to Attorney General William Barr. But what happens next is anyone’s guess. For now the report will be for Barr’s eyes only, who at some point will submit his own report to Congress with as much, or as little, information as he chooses to give them. So now, we wait. Again.

What to expect from Apple’s upcoming announcements

Just because Apple released new iPads, new iMacs, and new AirPods this week, that doesn’t mean the party’s over. The company has an event scheduled for 10 am PST Monday, where they’re expected to launch some new subscription services, like:

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  • A news app that will aggregate your subscription news services under one blanket for one price
  • A streaming service of some kind that should give us all a better understanding of Apple’s video strategy to come.

The Midwest isn’t done flooding yet

Floodwaters in Nebraska have forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate, but that might be just the beginning. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s spring flood outlook warns that two-thirds of the country is at risk of “major to moderate flooding” through May. Why is this? A combination of heavy snowfall and tropical rains in February. Oh, and that “bomb cyclone” that swept through the country a week ago.

Cocktail Conversation

Getting a good night’s sleep is the latest hot trend, and of course there are gadgets for that. From native iPhone apps to mattresses that algorithmically regulate temperature and firmness through the night, there are all kinds of snooze solutions. For most of us though, these gadgets are an expensive solution to a problem counting sheep could solve.

WIRED Recommends: Video Doorbells

Do you still have one of those lame normal doorbells? Elevate your front-door game with one of these three tech-laden video doorbells. Catch your friends (or kids!) on camera, freak out your mail person, or tell strangers to buzz off with two-way voice features. Don’t knock ’em till you try them.

More News You Can Use

  • We sat down with Costa Rica’s president to hear about his plan to make the country of 5 million come completely off fossil fuels by 2050. It could be a model for the rest of the world.
  • Craving some more Jordan Peele goodness after getting the crap scared out of you with Get Out? Here’s a review of his latest trending film, US.


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