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Top-Rated Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Top-Rated Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Whatever you're looking for, there are plenty of highly rated Prime-eligible CO detectors available online.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very serious issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 4,000 Americans are hospitalized every year because of CO exposure, and more than 400 people die from it annually. Even worse, children, the elderly, and anyone with heart or lung ailments are particularly susceptible to the effects of this toxic gas.

Thankfully, there's a wide range of CO detectors on the market that will quickly alert you if the concentration of this odor-free gas becomes dangerous. Whether you're looking for a basic alarm on the cheap, a high-end smart device, or something in between, there are plenty of highly rated Prime-eligible CO detectors available online. Let's check out the highlights.

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  • 1First Alert CO400

    While the CO400 model from First Alert is among the least expensive options available, it enjoys a four-star average with well over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. It operates on batteries, delivers a loud 85-decibel alert, and enjoys a five-year warranty. And if you're interested in buying multiples for each floor in your home, the average price per unit will drop even lower.


  • 2Kidde KN COPP B LPM

    Looking for a bit more visual feedback about how much carbon monoxide you're dealing with? This battery-powered alarm from Kidde sports a backlit display that allows you to view the parts per million of carbon monoxide in the vicinity – even in the dark. And since they're sold in bundles up to eight at once, you can even cover multiple buildings.


  • 3First Alert CO615

    If you want belt and suspenders protection, this dual-power CO detector from First Alert is designed to give you the benefits of a wired alarm with the redundancy of a battery. So even if the power goes out, it's still monitoring. And since it has a backlit display to boot, you can easily take note of any CO trends in your environment.

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  • 4Kidde KN COSM BA

    Keeping it simple, this hybrid alarm from Kidde looks just like a typical smoke alarm. However, it will detect both smoke and carbon monoxide – vocalizing the specifics of whichever tripped the alarm. It's even designed to use AAs, so you won't have to hunt around your junk drawer for that rogue 9V.


  • 5Kidde KN COPP 3

    Want a wired alarm with plenty of flexibility? The Kidde KN-COPP-3 offers three different mounting solutions and a battery backup. Keep it mounted directly on the outlet, extend it out with the included 6-foot cable, or keep it on the shelf – whatever works best in your abode.


  • 6Nest Protect

    If you're willing to get a bit spend-y, this smart smoke and CO alarm from Nest is easy to recommend. It's available in both battery-powered and wired variations, it works with your other smart home devices to alert you to emergencies, and it'll send notifications to your phone even if you're out of the house.


  • 7More Shopping Tips

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