basically…(not direct quotes):

Mnuchin — “Crypto is cool as long as it is following standard regulations. (ie., KYC stuff). Libra would be cool as long as Facebook can convince us they are following all regulations. But right now they are a long ways from that. Bottom line, crypto is totes fine. But people trying to hide or do crime will get wicked caught. Any questions?”

Jumble of reporters — “What about racism?”

Mnuchin — “I’m really not here to talk about racism, I’d like to talk about money…cuz that’s what I do. Next question?”

Jumble of reporters — “But what about more racism stuff!?” “Yeah, racism stuff!” “can I trap you into talking about racism?”

Mnuchin — “Seriously. Lets focus on money here. Any questions about crypto?”

Reporter — “I have a question about crypto!”

Mnuchin — “Perfect! Whats your question?”

Reporter — “Yes, im curious if you think Trump is racist?”

Mnuchin — “What? I thought you were here to talk about money stuff!?”

Reporter — “yeah…no.”

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