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Twitch Streamer Apology Over Sexual Assault Unravels Into a Disaster

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Twitch Streamer Apology Over Sexual Assault Unravels Into a Disaster

Twitch Streamer Apology Over Sexual Assault Unravels Into a Disaster thumbnail

Sky Williams is a popular YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who is under fire for running several ‘Sky Houses.’
Allegations are swirling that he treated roommates poorly and enabled the abuse of minors.
Sky choosing to live stream his response was a huge mistake that only made things harder for the victims.
The ongoing sexual harassment storm hitting gaming continues. Right now, the Smash community is being cleared of its filth. Lately streamer and YouTuber Sky Williams has been the focus of those seeking justice.
Sky Williams operated several ‘Sky Houses,’ or places where professional streamers and those involved in the gaming community would live and congregate. During his ownership of these houses, several people were allegedly abused, including minors.
Despite initially denying any knowledge of such claims, Sky eventually responded. He chose the worst way to do it.
The response, “I’m about to spirit bomb Jackie,” doesn’t seem like someone hurt and regretful about their actions. | Source: ImgurSky Williams’ Stream Was a Total Disaster
The Sky Williams response stream was a two-hour-long disaster. It started with a defense of his unusual behavior surrounding roommates. Then it quickly unraveled into a mess of excuses and half apologies.
During the rambling, he rarely took the blame for what had happened. Instead, he decided to play the victim.
Sky Williams’ apology was anything but. | Source: TwitchAlarmingly, he didn’t have consent from the real victims to reveal details about them.
This was a traumatic experience for the real victims. Having their abuse dragged up by Sky Williams without their prior consent was a colossal mistake, and something he should have known better to avoid. He should also have known better than to monetize the stream.
Enough users reported the stream to make #TwitchStopSky a Twitter trend. In the end, a roommate apparently pulled the plug from the router. His ‘statement’ video remains available on his Twitch channel at the time of publishing this article.

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There Were So Many Better Ways To Handle This
Several points make Sky Williams’ stream seem less than genuine to me. On Twitter, he asked his followers what the best way to respond was–and there was a clear answer.
Sky Wiliams asking for help on Twitter. | Source: TwitterInstead, he ignored them and launched this live stream on his Twitch channel in a video that’s very likely monetized.
Despite his erratic actions, Sky Williams very likely knew what he was doing. A mounting pile of evidence posted by @SuperThePiplup suggests the same.
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Last modified: July 7, 2020 3:33 PM UTC

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