InstaMod 2.0 Launch

Hello everyone! Awhile ago I made a post on here debuting InstaMod, r/CC‘s flair system. Today I am happy to announce that after four months of hard work I’ve finished completely overhauling the program. The new version (which is already running) brings some new features and functionality which I will go over below.

New Progression Tiers

Previously progression tiers were based on the user’s QC (Quality Comments: the number of positive comments minus the number of negative comments a user has in certain subreddits). It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it. This is the same QC that you see in other user’s flair text. The new progression tiers are still based on QC, but users are placed into tiers based on their percentile, instead of just the total number of QC they have. Here are the new distributions for the tiers:

Tier Distribution
Bronze 100% – 50%
Silver 50% – 25%
Gold 25% – 10%
Platinum 10% – 1%

Just as before, users placed into the Platinum tier will be granted the ability to assign themselves custom flair. If you are placed into the Platinum tier, you will receive a PM from /u/InstaMod informing you of your new permissions and how to use them. This will be covered in the PM Commands section. Everyone’s flair is updated weekly in rolling intervals.

Activity Tags

Your fair will contain additional information about the user’s account activity in crypto related subreddits if you meet certain criteria. Here are the current tag options:

  • Display the user’s top 3 crypto subreddits based on QC

  • If the user has less than -10 QC in a subreddit, display the lowest QC subreddit

  • Display the user’s most used subreddit from a list of trader, mining, and general tech subs.

PM Commands

You have the ability to interact with /u/InstaMod by sending commands over PM (not chat). Here is a list of the commands currently available to users and a pre-formatted link for those commands.

Note: The pre-formatted will not work on mobile


Description: Update the senders flair instantly

Message syntax:

    !CryptoCurrency !updateme



Description: Allow Platinum users to assign themselves custom flair

Message syntax:

    !CryptoCurrency !flair
    Flair Text: text goes here
    Flair CSS: css goes here


If you have any questions or comments I will be more than happy to answer them in the comments below. If you are interested in having /u/InstaMod run on your subreddit, please PM /u/shimmyjimmy97 to get started.

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