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ImmVRse, a project seeking to develop a blockchain based Virtual Reality content platform is now official sponsors of the Tech-XLR8 conference, Europe’s largest and most prominent tech festival.

Last year, turn out exceeded 13,000 visitors seeing 300 exhibitor stalls with 800 subject matter experts sharing their knowledge on VR, AR, robots, AI, and drones just to name a few.

The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor said,

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Knect365, the organisers of TechXLR8. TechXLR8 is a fundamental part of London Tech Week – one of the largest tech festivals in the whole of Europe. As a startup, we are combining virtual reality and blockchain, both of which we believe will be recognised as crucial consumer technology in a few years’ time.”

Farabi Shayor went on to add,

“I personally believe this is an amazing event to be involved with, as it brings together the converging industries under one roof. Sponsoring Blockchain 360 during London Tech Week is a chance to promote transformational technology and also opens the door to possible collaboration opportunities.”

Opportune Moment

ImmVRse will be using this opportunity to showcase their concept in front of a highly engaged tech audience in hopes of remaining at the forefront of innovation. ImmVRse hopes to have a chance to show attendees that through combining the potential of consumer media, virtual reality, and the future in finance will produce a unique platform that will simulate growth in both industries.

New Openings For New Generation of Content Creators

Not only will this push virtual reality possibilities, but this will create a plethora of openings for a new generation of content creators. ImmVRse’s secure and decentralized platform will allow creators to showcase their content from even the most remote locations globally and while their will be emphasis on the entertainment sector, an equally significant impact can be made in the medical, educational, and advertising– industries as well.

Business Implications As Well

Virtual reality has massive business implications as well, with many leading tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung either producing their own headsets or allocating massive resources into R&D for VR.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, invested $2 billion into a VR startup back in 2014, when even less people were aware of what VR was.

According to ImmVRse’s whitepaper, Goldman Sachs predicts VR technology could grow into a $90 billion industry by 2025.

Limon Rahman, COO added,

“We are proud to play a part in the development and progression of virtual reality technologies. I do not believe we have even scratched the surface in terms of the value VR can bring to individuals and numerous industries in the business world.”

ImmVRse will announce their private sale sometime in March, assumedly to accredited investors with a minimum investment amount. Soon after, ImmVRse will host the pre-TGE, and then the main TGE, gradually opening the possibility to participate in this project to more and more people.

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