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Want the Greenest Device? You May Already Own It

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Want the Greenest Device? You May Already Own It


How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Kendra Pierre-Louis, who covers the environment and climate, discussed the tech she’s using.

Kendra, what tech tools are most important for doing your work?

I use the standard suite of office software, from Google Docs to Office, depending on my specific needs. (Docs is better when it comes to edit trace, but I prefer Excel for certain things.)

I also use Tabula a lot to scrape data out of PDFs, and the Hemingway app to make sure that what I wrote is at least somewhat understandable. I appreciate the app’s color coding of things as diverse as complex sentences and passive voice.

For recording interviews, I use an external recorder because I don’t trust phone recording apps — I want to see that the device is actually recording. If it’s a phone call (or a Skype call), I’ll use it with a pickup microphone. I’ve had my setup for about five years, which is a pretty good run.

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