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Watch MSI Install AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Chip


Watch MSI Install AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Chip

Fitting 16 cores on a processor means a very large chip, a new type of socket, and a new, secure method of installing it on a motherboard.

With the introduction of its Ryzen processors, AMD is back to offering some real competition for Intel. And of all the Ryzen processors being released, it's the high-end Threadripper chips that have enthusiasts excited. The 1950X will offer 16 cores and 32 threads at a base clock speed of 3.4GHz boosting to 4GHz when required.

Threadripper is different to other Ryzen processors, though. Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 chips require a motherboard with the existing Socket AM4. Threadripper uses the new Socket TR4 Land Grid Array (LGA) CPU socket, which in turn means a new way of installing the CPU.

As spotted by Tom's Hardware, MSI has been kind enough to create a video demonstrating exactly how the TR4 socket will work on one of its new X399 motherboards.

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As you can see from the video, Threadripper chips are huge and the installation is quite involved, but reassuringly straightforward and ultimately very secure. In terms of size, notice how big the chip is compared to the DDR4 DIMM slots behind it. Remember, these TR4 socket chips have 4,096 pins where as the Intel's LGA2066 chips only have 2,066.


If you've installed a new processor recently, be it Intel or AMD, you've most likely done so in a motherboard using a latching system. Personally, I prefer this TR4 method. Sliding the processor into a frame before securing it with screws seems so much more secure and there's no force required like there can be with a tension latch. The heatsink and fan installation is also nice and simple using Torx screws.

Both AMD's Threadripper Ryzen processors and the supporting X399 motherboards are expected to be available next month. If you pick one up let us know how you got on using the installation.

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