Wondering what would happen if your GoPro accidentally came into contact with molten lava? Here's your chance to find out.

Erik Storm, who owns a company called Kilauea EcoGuides in Hawaii, was leading a private volcano hike last year when he placed his GoPro Hero4 into a crack to film lava flows. But as Storm became engrossed telling his guests a story about the Polynesian goddess Pele, hot lava engulfed his GoPro.

Storm thought his camera was a goner, but it turns out the little GoPro, which was sporting a waterproof case at the time of the incident, was a lot more durable than one might think. Watch the mesmerizing video below to see how it went down. You can see molten lava flowing towards the camera before flames break out in front of the lens.

"From a scientific perspective it most likely survived due to the Leidenfrost Effect," Storm wrote in the YouTube video's description. The tour guide used a geologist rock hammer to get his GoPro out of the cooling lava, then took it home and chipped away all the hardened rock.


"When I got home I hammered all the hardened rock off of the camera and was amazed to see the blue wi-fi light still blinking!" he wrote. "The camera would turn on but the lens was slightly melted making it not really useable anymore. The SD card popped right out and the footage was intact!"

Storm shared the video and some images of his melted GoPro with PetaPixel and the story has since gone viral. Some have questioned whether Storm did this intentionally, but he said that's "definitely not the case."

"I am by no means rich, why would I put a $400 camera in jeopardy intentionally?" he wrote.

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