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What’s going on with CoinTiger? : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

What’s going on with CoinTiger? : CryptoCurrency


What’s going on with CoinTiger?

I’ve used them and had some small issues in the past, but nothing like this. There’s a whole Telegram channel now of people that have had their funds frozen. I saw and tried a test withdrawal after reading it — It was denied after a couple of hours being “audited”. I went to their Telegram channel, and after asking a few questions (No real answers…) was invited by PM to a separate Telegram channel with 20+ people all in the same boat over the last couple of weeks.

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The CCXT issue explanation is pretty clear, and GitHub indeed shows that Cointiger changed their API docs in October to limit order cancellations upon threat of a API rate limit. Fair enough, although no annoucement was made that I know of that the API docs had changed, and I use the CoinTiger API quite a lot. The scary part, however, is that almost everybody in the Telegram channel with frozen funds is being told that they violated this cancellation limit and therefore forfit all of their gains. Some were offered the chance to remove just their initial deposit amount, but if they disputed that, CoinTiger then froze everything and refuses to communicate further. Some other people were told, very strangely, that if they waited three months, they could then get their funds back. I haven’t done anything since my withdrawal rejection for fear of that happening.

Anyone else here with a similar experience?


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