Did you know that as a parent, you’re more likely to be up to speed with a certain type of cutting-edge technology?

When it comes to smart home technology, parents are the new trendsetters, according to our new Homeowners Survey. Nearly two thirds of homeowning parents are either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ interested in owning it.

It makes a lot of sense. As a parent, you’re focused on keeping family safe, secure and comfortable. Smart home technology gives you new ways to do this, for every stage of parenting.

You’re also more discerning on the technology you allow into your home. You don’t have a lot of time to waste, for example. You want reliability, ease of use, and professional support when you need it.

If your priorities are similar to the parents we surveyed, you’ll love Alarm.com.

1: Do you prioritize safety at home?

Security and safety are at the core of Alarm.com. An Alarm.com smart home includes true security features like professional security monitoring, fire, smoke and CO protection, crash and smash protection, a dedicated cellular connection and a range of proactive, automatic safeguards for your home.

For your kids, meanwhile, Alarm.com gives your home a whole new layer of childproofing. Contact sensors can be attached to any door or drawer to generate real-time alerts on your smartphone when opened. Motion-activated lighting helps children stay safe when they get up in the night. As your kids grow, so do the options, with new devices and sensors easily added by your Alarm.com dealer.

2: Would you like tasks around the house to be easier?

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When did you last have to stay home to let a contractor in, or wait for a package? You don’t have to. With Alarm.com, smart locks and user codes let you give access to trusted contractors remotely. Our Wi-Fi doorbell camera lets you see, then talk to the delivery person at your door through your smartphone while you’re at work. You can even open your garage with your phone and have them leave the package there.

Ever left home, running late, only to turn around again because you thought you left the garage open? Parents with Alarm.com get an alert if they ever leave their home unsecured. It’s not just a reminder—these alerts come with a button that let you secure your garage door, smart lock or security system with no need to turn around.

3: Would you like everyday jobs taken care of for you?

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Imagine if your house knew when you left work, or picked the kids up, and got itself ready for you.

That’s an everyday reality with Alarm.com’s Geo-Services technology. It uses your smartphone’s location to know exactly when you’re on your way home, and take action. It can have your outdoor lights turned on when you arrive, and your garage door already open. It can trigger your Alarm.com Smart Thermostat to come out of ‘savings’ mode and into ‘comfort’ mode, giving you the perfect temperature to come home to.

You can also set up Scenes – a set of ‘magic buttons’ in your Alarm.com app that trigger several devices with a single touch. There’s one for securing the house when you leave, another for arriving home, and you can create your own for occasions like dinnertime, bedtime and movie night.

4: Do you prefer technology that’s easy to use?

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Alarm.com gives you a single, super-smart app that controls every Alarm.com-connected device in your home. Your security system, thermostat, locks, video cameras, lights, garage door—even your shades—are all side by side on your smartphone. Every member of the family can have their own app – and their own user code for the door.

Our app isn’t just for smartphones, though. You can control your home via the family tablet, or your Apple Watch. You can view your video camera feeds through your TV. But what your kids will love most is controlling Alarm.com with voice commands through Amazon Echo. Take a look:

Would you and your family benefit from a smarter, safer home? Alarm.com is easy to own: click here to find out where to get it. If you’re ready to connect with an Alarm.com dealer, click here.


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