Anyone who’s been in this space for a good number of years (or at least longer than a day) may well be scratching their head at the emergence of this apparently common phrase: “Alt-season”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this phrase is an actual phrase; that it has always existed since time immemorial; that it was there since the days that Charlie Lee uttered the words “Let there be light.” That it was there in the Monero vs Dash days. That it was there when Ethereum Classic went to war against Ethereum (and failed).

Here’s the thing tho:-

“Altcoin season” has never been an actual phrase. Not once has this phrase ever been a meme, or a buzzword, or a part of the credible scenic lexicon. Anyone in the space for a number of years should be well aware of this. Quite simply, it’s a nefarious heap of bitcoin maximalist psychological horseshit.

The term altcoin (while genuinely a thing within the space) has always been a term that only makes sense from the perspective of Bitcoin maximalists, subconsciously implying a binary division between Bitcoin (the market leader) and everything else. It (kinda) made sense from the perspective of bitcoiners who were not interested in exploring other alternatives – but for everyone else who were genuinely keen on exploring other technologies, the term merely diminished the achievements of the little guy. Frankly, altcoin has always been a pain-in-the-ass term.

However, the horseshit term “alt-season” is nothing other than an extended evolution of this continued maximalist bias, this time seeking to imply that any meaningful gains that a crypto-project acquires can only ever be part of a “season”, and therefore should be considered temporary and without long-term viability.

What this does is subconsciously plant the seed that at some point, any gains that another crypto-project achieves will reverse once the season ends, therefore injecting an element of fear into the minds of investors/speculators that the project is a futile long-term investment.

Given that a crypto-project’s base is all so often dependent on speculative confidence for its continued credibility (and capacity to attract community) the term “alt-season” is quite simply an aggressive (yet clandestine) neurolinguistic weapon that seeks to exterminate all of bitcoin’s competing projects by killing off the speculative component from all of our respective multi-coin communities.

Do not fall for this trick! The phrase is not a thing. It has never been a thing.

To those who have an ear, let them hear.


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