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Without Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Is a ‘Different Person’

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Without Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Is a ‘Different Person’

Without Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Is a ‘Different Person’ thumbnail

Before heading to Canada after the Commonwealth Day proceedings, Prince Harry took advantage of his temporary freedom to meet up with some old friends in London. Among those friends was his “soulmate,” ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Harry reportedly switched off his phone during the meet-up with his friends. Maybe to get some much-needed time away from Meghan? With Meghan Markle back in Canada and Prince Harry on his own in the U.K., it was just like old times. According to friends that he met in London following the awkward Commonwealth Day proceedings, it was good to have “the old Harry back.” One source claimed: He’s a different person around Meghan. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “that couple” that everyone knows We all know a couple like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. | Source: Ben STANSALL / AFPI don’t know about you, but I know exactly what Prince Harry’s friends mean when they say that he’s a different person around Meghan. We all have that friend who’s either dating or married to someone who is a controlling factor in their lives. He or she was once the life and soul of the party. But they don’t socialize with the same people anymore, and when they do, they are on edge. Well, Meghan Markle has taken that approach to a whole new level. Not only has she cut Harry off from the majority of his loyal friends, but she’s removed him entirely from the country. Of course, she’s free to socialize with anyone she wants. Her social circle is now his social circle. A classic controlling move. Source: TwitterPrince Harry must take some of the blame too Meghan Markle gets a lot of criticism, and she deserves most of it. To all but the most deluded among her fanbase, she comes across as a terrible person. But Prince Harry isn’t an innocent party. He’s a grown man, and as such, he should be able to decide his own future. I’m sure we’ll have fans of Meghan Markle telling us that he wants away from his horrible family and that his friends, family, and everyone else are “racists.” But the truth is, they don’t know the royal family like long-time fans do. Most of the so-called “Sussex Squad” types only jumped on the bandwagon when Meghan and Harry got together. Newsflash, before Meghan Markle arrived on the scene, Prince Harry was a happy young man. He had a loving family around him, including a brother with whom he got on quite well. Source: TwitterHe was also blessed with a group of “loyal, trusted friends.” He misses them so much that he reportedly switched off his phone during their night together in London. A friend commented: Some joked that he didn’t want Meghan tracking him down on GPS. Ah, the “old ball and chain” scenario, as the British say! British TV personality Lizzie Cundy summed it up perfectly when she said: It’s very sad because Harry had a great set of loyal, trusted friends … But they’ve all been cut off since Meghan. Meghan Markle is reportedly jealous of Harry’s ex, “soulmate” Chelsy Davy It has long been believed that Meghan Markle is jealous of how well Chelsy Davy gets on with Harry’s friends. Not to mention her close relationship with Kate Middleton. Sources at the meet-up between Prince Harry and his friends in London claim that Harry was thrilled to see Chelsy again. The evening they all spent together was just like old times. In a way, it’s a shame that Meghan Markle doesn’t get to see the “real” Prince Harry that his friends see. Then again, I doubt that’s of any concern to her. So long as he’s filling the role required, she’s happy. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.Now Watch: CCN TV

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