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Xbox One X Is ‘Fastest Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever’


Xbox One X Is ‘Fastest Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever’

According to Microsoft, no Xbox has ever been pre-ordered faster and the console is already sold out in many countries.

It's been a long time since Microsoft talked positively about Xbox hardware sales. The situation got so bad with the Xbox One that the company decided not to post specific sales figures anymore. So at the first hint of some good news, Microsoft is back to shouting about hardware sales, although only about pre-orders for now.

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was made available for pre-order on Sunday evening following the unveiling at Gamescom. It's the only version of the new console available to pre-order, it's strictly limited edition, and "designed for our biggest fans."

Five days later, and Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Xbox, posted on Xbox Wire that the Xbox One X is now the "fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever." Each country in which pre-orders were available would have been allocated stock, and most of that is now sold out according to Microsoft.

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It's important to note that, if the pre-order slots are all gone for your region, then there are no more Project Scorpio consoles left. The next wave of pre-orders will be for the standard edition of the console, which Nichols said will happen at some point in September, or at least, an announcement about them will.


The Xbox One X selling well is great news for consumers because it means more competition between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft going forward. However, it's hard to get excited about Microsoft setting a pre-order record when there are no details of how many Xbox One X consoles were actually pre-ordered. Was it 10,000, 100,000, 250,000? We simply don't know at this point.

I think we'll know the Xbox One X is selling well when Microsoft decides to start sharing specific sales figures again. Until that happens, all claims about impressive sales will be as much a marketing push as they are a true reflection of how well the new console is doing.

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